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Chromotherapy, Structure and Consistency (and lots of Love!)

Chromotherapy (also known as color therapy or light therapy) is a type of holistic healing that uses the visible spectrum of light and color to affect a person’s mood and physical or mental health. Each color falls into a specific frequency and vibration, which many believe contribute to specific properties that can be used to affect the energy and frequencies within our bodies.​ We find using all methodologies to provide the perfect environment for our Team Members.

We use the color Orange in our activity area which promotes Creativity & Optimism. Our Quiet Room is painted Blue which instills Calmness. You will notice that we utilize Violet in so many areas as this spectrum increases Imagination, Understanding, Spiritual Connection - True Bliss.

You will also note that Positive and Inspiring messaging are utilized throughout our environment. Everywhere our Team Members look they will find self-affirming passages!

Structure is most necessary in our environment as it provides an organic expectation of the day. Team Members understand the flow of the day and respond well to know what is to happen next in their day. Team Members depend on Structure to their day and find a certain calmness to their day when they know our Caregivers have planned a day for them. Team Abilities does not operate "on the fly" but rather have a structured curriculum for Team Members. Caregivers pay exceptional attention to lesson plans that bring out the best in our Team Members so they may Shine each day.

Consistency is very grounding for our Team Members. They know they are on solid ground when they walk into their Day Hab program. Each day is similar, but not always the same. There are many activities we offer, but each day is consistent in that everything is for our Team Members. There is no "TV Babysitting". Team Members have a well-founded expectancy as they work, play, creative, or venture out for community events and more. Consistency instills a "sense of belonging" that resonates to our Team Members, as well as every human being.

Lots of Love! Loving Kindness is the constant in our Environment in every area and in all departments. All of us at Team Abilities watch our words and the way we speak. We know how to create a safe environment for private talk to each other and Team Members. We know by how we speak and what we say can either enthuse or injure the heart. We are in the Loving Kindness business because one cannot Shine in a toxic environment.