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What do Team Members do in the Community?  

Team Members enjoy numerous Field Trips offered each month. At the beginning of every month a Calendar is issued to all Team Members to take home showing the entire month's events. You can take advantage of some or all of the Field Trips offered. You will find that some trips are actually "trips" going to San Antonio, Dallas etc. Other Field Trips are hyper-local, for example: Splash Day at the YMCA, Library Day, Volunteering at local non-profits etc.

Field Trips are offered at a nominal fee and those fees are due at the top of the month. Most every Field Trip is a day trip leaving from the Day Hab program and returning in time to be transported to Group Home Care or for you to pick up. 

May I join in on any Field Trip?

We encourage parents/guardians to join us on Field Trips at any time. Just let your Day Hab Supervisor know in advance that you would like to attend. We wish more parents/guardians would join us as we do such fun and exicting things with our Team Members.  

Do I need to purchase Educational Supplies?

Team Abilities will supply all Educational Supplies for all Team Members to bring out the best in them and to let them Shine. An annual Educational Supplies fee of $150 is due upon registration.

Do I need to provide Personal Supplies?

Though we do keep many personal-type supplies on hand, you are required to bring Personal Supplies like diapers, Ensure, change of clothes etc. We want to keep all Team Members as comfortable as possible throughout the day.

What is the Teacher/Student ratio?

The Teacher/Student ratio is One to Six. That is One Teacher per Six Team Members. We find this affords us to be individually focused as we lead the classroom in tasks, Field Trips etc.

How can I know my loved one is protected? 

​This is a very important and necessary question these days which is why Team Abilities has always focused on security. You will find that in conjunction with our low Teacher/Student ratios, we also have security cameras in every room and are fully-monitored during the day. Also, every interior door at the Day Hab is locked creating a maze effect. If someone who doesn't belong in our environment enters, they will find it most difficult if not impossible to invade the space where Team Members are gathered. !

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