Gabe Nava

 Assistant Superintendent                      

Sarah Bernal 

       Case Coordinator &                        TxHml                   

Shimmy Nava

House Supervisor


Donna Wick, PhD

Operations & Marketing Management

Certified Special Olympics Coach

Jordan Williams

House Supervisor


Tiffany Batiste

Director, Staff Development

Together Everyone Achieves More 

TEAM Repair, Service & Maintenance                     

There are few things more important in this world than the freedom to express one's self in the manner in which they feel most comfortable - to be truly comfortable in one's own skin. This is our Core Value at Team Abilities which is to create an environment where Team Members have both the freedom and the inspiration to Shine. 

Amber Jackson

Office Coordinator

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Rudy Nava TEAM


Case Coordinator Team                      

Kenrick Browne TEAM Center  Direct Care


                Audrina Davis             

   Data Analyst 


Mary "Sweets" Baptiste

             TEAM Center             Direct Care


Community Living Care Supervisors                      

                    Ariadna Martinez                                         Transportation                         Coordinator 

TEAM Center Direct Care Staff                      

Administrative Team


Belinda Garza

                    TEAM Center                      Direct Care

Arts & Crafts Instructor


Renee Rougeau Community Living

          Quality Assurance 


Janey Oommen

Case Coordinator Supervisor

Med Tech

Darrell Dunn

House Supervisor


Saundra Perez

TEAM Center

Day Hab Supervisor  


Anna Lamb

                    Human Resources                     Executive Assistant

          Quality Assurance 



     Achieves More


Tracie Hinson 

        Case Coordinator &             House Supervisor                   

      Looking for a Career?! Then you are a perfect fit for our       Direct Care Specialist opportunities!  Please call Anna Lamb at           832-895-8010 to schedule your interview! Thank you!


Brandy Foster 

       Case Coordinator                   

Rachel Jelks

 Executive Director

Transportation Coordinator

Verne Smith

House Supervisor


In 2008 we saw a better way to serve low- to high-functioning adults with special needs - and so we did it! Through Day Habitation Programs and Community Living Care, we simply offer the best care with greatest sense of compassion.